In order to join the Dogwood Handcrafts custom shaving brush waitlist, please email me at stephen@dogwoodhandcrafts.com with the following information:

  1. Type of brush: Hybrid or Acrylic
  2. Diameter: 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, 28mm, or 30mm
  3. Knot type: Synthetic, Tuxedo, Cashmere, 2-Band-Badger, Badger-Boar-Mixed, Silvertip Badger, SHD Badger, or Declaration Grooming Custom Badger
  4. Your color selections
    1. Hybrids:
      1. Wood color: What color should the wood be dyed, if any?
      2. Sky color: What should be the main color of the acrylic portion?
      3. Swirl color (optional): What color should be swirled in for detail?
      4. Do you want wood on both ends of the handle?
      5. Do you want a solid snow layer added on top of the wood “mountains”?
    2. Acrylics
      1. Colors?
      2. Sparkly or solid colors?
      3. Matte or polished finish?
The colors of a hybrid brush

Once I have received your order specifications, I will add your name to the waitlist below where you can monitor your position. If you are not comfortable having your first name and last initial (e.g. Stephen J.) on the wait list, please provide a pseudonym for me to use instead.


When I am ready to begin your brush, I will email you to collect payment for your order. Work will not begin until payment is received. If you do not respond to my payment inquiry, I will move on to the next position until I hear back from you.


Hybrid brushes

Base price: $150

Double-wood add-on: $25

Snow layer add-on: $15

Includes synthetic knot of choice. Natural knots cost extra (see below)

Acrylic brushes

Base price: $75

Knots cost extra (see below)


2 Band$20.00$22.00$25.00$30.00$35.00
* Knot is not available in this size


Current lead time: 2-3 months.
Italicized names indicate orders in progress.

  1. Tim T.
  2. Gene D.
  3. Robert C.
  4. Guido B.
  5. Gardner A.
  6. Frank G.
  7. Jens H.
  8. Phillip M.
  9. Steve W.
  10. Dustin W.
  11. Brandon G.
  12. Tony H.
  13. Spencer A.
  14. Frank M.
  15. Danilo P.
  16. TKV
  17. Ronald P.
  18. Cody W.
  19. Jamey C.
  20. Matt B.
  21. Rob R.
  22. Matthew G.
  23. John W.
  24. Jay I.
  25. Alex T.
  26. Alberto G.
  27. Gerald W.
  28. David V.
  29. Andrew I.
  30. Zach C.https://imgur.com/a/sUPeI5w
  31. Amador J.
  32. Julian C.
  33. Soul E.
  34. Michael C.
  35. Matt S.
  36. Lionel L.
  37. Mackinnley F.
  38. Mark M.
  39. Hershel S.
  40. Joshua V.
  41. Renata R.
  42. Fabrizio F.
  43. Alexander K.
  44. Andy H.
  45. Stephen H.
  46. Luc T.
  47. Mike Q.
  48. Chris S.
  49. Alexander K.
  50. Tracy P.
  51. Kevin C.
  52. Sourav S.
  53. Nathan F.