Please note: The waitlist is currently closed as I recover from a disaster in my workshop. I will resume work once I am able.

Brush and cutting board waitlist – first come, first serve.

Please read the Brushes or Cutting Board pages for instructions for joining the waitlist.

When I am ready to begin work on your order, I will email you to confirm the details of your request. If I do not receive payment within 7 days of messaging you, I will remove you from the public waitlist page. This does not mean you have been totally removed – please email me and I will fit you in as soon as I am able.

I will typically work on about 5 orders at a time, so please expect your order to be complete within 1-2 weeks after payment.

Italicized names indicate orders in progress.

  1. Link Z.
  2. Jason
  3. Scott K.
  4. Luca J.
  5. Komal P.
  6. James S.
  7. Daniel W.
  8. Ethan D.
  9. Kevin M.
  10. Johnny V.
  11. David S.
  12. Gerard
  13. Reece R.
  14. Simone B.
  15. Lionel L.
  16. Russ S.
  17. Stephen B.
  18. Face
  19. M Nichols