In order to join the Dogwood Handcrafts custom shaving brush waitlist, please email me at with your selections for a handle. Please choose a handle type from the options below. If you don’t see anything you like, feel free to reach out and we can work it out.

Hybrid Brushes

These handles are comprised of a natural-edge maple burl wooden portion and an acrylic portion. The goal is to create a little landscape in each handle.

Diameter22mm / 24mm / 26mm / 28mm / 30mm
KnotTan Synthetic / Tuxedo Synthetic / SHD Badger / Declaration Grooming Badger
Wood portion colorNatural / Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue / Purple / Brown / Black
“Sky” colorClear / Red / Amber / Yellow / Green / Blue / Purple / Black / Other
“Swirl” colorAny color
Snow layer color?No snow / Any color
Wood on both ends? Yes / No
Actual MountainSee description below
Please see below for descriptions of each selection

Acrylic Brushes

These handles are made of one of several types of cast acrylic.

Diameter22mm / 24mm / 26mm / 28mm / 30mm
KnotTan Synthetic / Tuxedo Synthetic / SHD Badger / Declaration Grooming Custom Badger
FinishPolished / Matte
Color(s) Any color(s)
Color DepthSolid colors / Sparkly colors / Mix and match (please specify per color)
StyleSwirled / Layered / Split top and bottom / Other
Please see below for descriptions of each selection

Cast Object Brushes

These handles are made with a small object inside the base portion of the handle. The top or “knot cup” of the handle can be made of wood or acrylic.

Diameter22mm / 24mm / 26mm / 28mm / 30mm
KnotTan Synthetic / Tuxedo Synthetic / SHD Badger / Declaration Grooming Custom Badger
ObjectAnything! Examples: Skulls / Teeth / Fossils / Bugs / Bullets / Dice / Toys / etc.
Top MaterialAcrylic / Wood
Top ColorAny color(s) (Acrylic top only)
Top Color DepthSolid colors / Sparkly colors / Mix and match (please specify per color) (Acrylic top only)
Top Color StyleSwirled / Layered (Acrylic top only)
Please see below for descriptions of each selection

Selection Details

Diameter: Refers to the size of the knot the handle should accept. Note: some knots require a hole larger than their given diameter. E.g. many 26mm knots require a hole drilled for a 28mm knot. Please let me know which knot you plan to put in so I can make sure the hole is large enough.

Knot: Which knot should I mount? You may also send me your own knot or brush and I will transfer the knot into your new handle.

Wood color (Hybrids): What color should the wood be dyed if any?

Sky color (Hybrids): What should be the main background color of the acrylic portion? This looks like the sky over the wooden mountain range

Swirl color (Hybrids): This refers to detail color swirled into the “sky” in order to resemble a galaxy, aurora, clouds, smoke, etc.

Snow layer (Hybrids): The wood portion of the handle can be painted to resemble snow, lava, etc. on the wooden mountain range.

Wood on both ends (Hybrids): Both sides of the brush can be wooden pieces with acrylic in the middle

Actual Mountain (Hybrids): The wood I use is a “natural edge” maple burl with protrusions that resemble mountains. You also have the option of selecting an actual mountain or mountain range and I will use satellite terrain data to carve the real topology into the wood. Examples I’ve done: The Matterhorn, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Rainier, Haleakalā.

Finish (Acrylics): Should the acrylic be polished to a perfect shine or left matte with flatter colors?

Colors (Acrylics): How many and which colors should be used in the handle? Providing swatches or images will help me match what you are envisioning the handle to look like. Please also let me know what proportion each color should be, e.g. 1:1 black/red, 2:1:1 blue/white/black.

Color Depth (Acrylics): Every color can either be a solid opaque color or a sparkly color with some depth to it. Sparkly colors work best with polished handles.

Color Style (Acrylics): This refers to how the colors should be combined. Usually they are swirled together, but they can also be split into layers to make stripes or split into a top and bottom portion where the knot cup is one color and the rest of the handle is another.

Object (Cast Object Handles): There are limitless options for what we can stick into a brush handle. You are welcome to send a personal memento or request something specific. I’ve been sent customers’ baby teeth, childhood toys, wedding flowers, bullets, fossils, meteorites, and lots of other things. I can use a bug of your choice (like bees, scorpions, spiders) and crane flies for Jurassic Park-style handles when available. The ideal dimensions for objects are less than 3/4″ wide and less than 1″ long, but others may fit with a larger or longer handle.

Top color selections (Acrylics): I always use an opaque color for the knot-side portion of the handle in order to hide the hole. I can try to match colors of the object or use something else entirely. Please see the above acrylic options for color properties.

Once I have received your order specifications, I will add your name to the waitlist below where you can monitor your position. If you are not comfortable having your first name and last initial (e.g. Stephen J.) on the wait list, please provide a pseudonym for me to use instead.

Please make sure to include your address in your email, or at least your city or country. This is necessary to calculate your invoice total and I can’t proceed without it.


When I am ready to begin your brush, I will email you to collect payment for your order. Work will not begin until payment is received. If you do not respond to my payment inquiry, I will move on to the next position until I hear back from you. I can accept payment via PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp. If you are unable to pay electronically, we can work out payment via US Mail.

Handle Pricing

Handle OptionsPrice
Hybrid Base Price$150
Hybrid Double-Wood add-on+$25
Hybrid Snow layer add-on+$15
Hybrid Carved actual mountain add-on+$75
Acrylic Base Price$75
Cast Object Price$150
Hybrid handles include synthetic knot of choice. Natural knots cost extra (see below)

About Knots

I offer an assortment of knots as an option for every shaving brush. Knot preference is largely subjective and every knot I stock will perform excellently with any soap or cream. The ready-made knots are purchased from You are also welcome to ship me your own knot or brush to set into your new handle.

SHD Badger$40.00$50.00$60.00$70.00$80.00

Synthetic Knots

Synthetic knots are made without any animal products. They do not require any breaking-in and have incredible longevity.

Basic Synthetic

These are the most common option on the market. They are similar to the famous Plisson, but with much more backbone.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Maggard-Razors-28mm-Synthetic-Brush-Knot_994x994.jpeg


The tuxedo knot is the most popular synthetic knot on the market currently. It offers an excellent balance of softness and backbone.

Maggard-Razors-20mm-Black-and-White-Synthetic Knot


These knots are very similar in feel to the cashmere with very soft tips, but slightly more backbone.


Natural Knots

Natural knots are made from animal hair. They may require a short break-in period to reach their full potential.

Super High Density Badger

These are the densest commercially available brush knots with substantially more hair packed in than the other Maggard badger offerings. They are universally loved as an affordable alternative to high-end badger knots.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Maggard-Razors-30mm-SHD-Badger-Fan-Shaving-Brush-Knot-768x768-300x300.jpg


These Premium Boar shaving brush knots are densely packed and stiff with extremely soft tips.  Break-in time is minimal.

Declaration Grooming Badger

You also have the option of sending your handle to Declaration Grooming for a custom hand-tied badger knot. These are the highest quality knots in the world with a cult following in the shaving community, plus Dogwood Handcrafts customers get 10% off! Purchase the knotting service on and I will send him your handle after purchase. Check his website for pricing and lead times.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMGP1602_1024x1024-300x300.jpg