Frequently Asked Questions about brushes etc.

“How can I order a brush?”

Brushes are released every 3-4 weeks in scheduled “drops”. These releases are typically announced in advance on Facebook and Instagram. The reason for this business model is to give everyone a fair chance at purchasing a brush without building up a huge wait list.

“Do you make custom brushes?”

Due to overwhelming demand, I only accept a few custom orders each month. In order to place a custom order, you need to purchase a “Custom Shaving Brush” item during a scheduled drop. On that listing, you can specify the parameters of your custom brush, or simply leave them default and email me your preferences.

“When is the next drop?”

I announce brush drops 2-3 weeks ahead of time on Instagram, Facebook, and on this website as soon as I settle on a date. If there is not a date posted, it’s because I haven’t planned the next drop.

“I missed a drop, can I still order a brush?”

Unfortunately I cannot make exceptions to the “drop” model. I make as many brushes as I possibly can, so taking on more work is not feasible.

“Can you make me a copy of this handle you previously made?”

I have no objection to replicating my previous handles, but keep in mind that there are natural variations in color and pattern that make a perfect copy impossible. No two pieces of wood will turn out the same color or with the same grain or burl “peaks”.

“What do you set your brush knots with?”

I use a clear RTV silicone which makes for a very secure hold, but allows knots to be changed if you choose.

“Will you send my brush to Declaration Grooming for a knot?”

Yes. Please select “Declaration Grooming Badger knot” as your knot at checkout and I will know to send it to him. Make sure to place an order on his site for knotting service that matches your handle’s diameter.

“Can I send you a knot for my handle?”

Yes! Please contact me for my shipping information.